Creativity is single

Lady Gaga has been right all along.

Remember the one time she said that she wasn’t having any sex because she felt somebody might take away her creativity through the act of sexual intercourse? Well, those weren’t precisely her words, but for the sake of PG-related content, you get the point. All throughout 2012 I have been cherishing the same concept, toying with the idea that somehow relationships and creativity might actually interfere with one another.

When I am in a relationship, most of my creativity is devoted to the current crush, whom I so badly want to be a character of my romance that I put all my effort into getting to know him better so as to come out with brilliant ways to awe him. I put it there, and in planning for two and stuff like that, whereas I find the creative side I need to exercise because of my job to be sloppier, like it’s always missing something. Just like all my crushes, who have always (so far) been missing something that was either: a) creativity b) somebody else c) well, I’ll just leave at b).

But, you see, this fits. All the heart-felt break-ups or just the jerks that come across your dating life, contribute in making you -well, how can I say this? – a more interesting person. I’ve come to believe this is related to the fact that when you’re single, you’re wittier. Your brain is sharper. Your body and mind are both more inclined to perceiving things all around you and all your project-defining ability is concentrated on your world.

“Charlie Brown must be the one who suffers, because he’s a caricature of the average person. Most of us are much more acquainted with losing than winning. Winning is great, but it isn’t funny”

Charles Schultz, October 2, 1975

This by no means imply that I’d rather be Groucho Marx and alone than happily ever after with some brilliant guy. In that case I’d settle for being just a little less funny. Despite the very tight armour I usually come with, I am romantic to the bone, and I’ll always go for love, if I feel it’s worth it.

Taralli dolci al Vino Rosso

Combo Breaker: Tarallucci al Vino Rosso

When you have a functional relationship, you’re winning. You have one part of your life that’s up and running, possibly helping you go through bad stuff. And that’s a huuuuge side. This is not a future-spinster oh-you-are-so-lucky-to-have-someone take. What I mean is that if you actually form a functional bond it’s not just because you’ve worked your butts off not to give in to “temptations”.

I know two or three couples that are like that. Both partners enhance the other’s creative sides and have a very high opinion of their significant other, while being pretty damn funny all the same. It’s because these couples are composed of people who both kept their individuality allowing the other half to do the same.

As for me, creativity now is single, drinks red wine and has lots of fun with different people that allow her to ignite the sparks of her mind.

While picking every now and then from the cookies tin.