The Recipe

the crumbs

Who am I?

Still working on it, I could say a lot, after a first-quarter-of-life spent toughing up, I apparently experienced a few fallbacks and somewhere along the way I just didn’t know what I would do with myself.

So I put aside all the pieces and people that make up my life and throughout the writing I will try to see what still fits, what does not fit and what, eventually, will. No pressure, no haste. Just journeying and taking one step at a time. The posts will be a collection of “here and now” takes on life, love, relationships, society. Quite possibly, they all will have a food-inspired metaphor or story to it.

Being the practical joker I am, I decided to start a blog the minute I realize deep down that I would eventually try to find a job where I won’t have to deal with a PC. Typical me. Also, pretty easy these days.

Breadcrumble stands for a lot of things, most of which are explained in the recipe behind the blog.

We’ll see where the all the crumbs end up to. In the meantime I will start underlying what this blog is not. (Unheard-of, huh?)

This is not a self-help blog about building self-confidence.

This is not a journal, as I could have previously wanted and succeeded to do in my life at a time when I was so carefree (to say the least) to catch a plane and go work across the pond without the slightest hint of a home. And I used to travel a lot more.

In the end bread and crumbs will all lead to the…


So I will just enjoy every bite of(f) the plate.


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