Stay hungry. Stray, foolish!

Space cleaning.

People evaluating.

Relationships weighing.

Self rethinking.

Life adapting.

Inside and out.

New Year did not start with typical resolutions. I was way too overwhelmed with end-of-December thoughts, or festive nostalgia as I like to call it, to have a clear, focused mind. So I want to share a few of the things that I found out about myself while I was unwillingly making a point of my life.

I have always thought I was able to forgive. At least that’s what I came to believe about myself. I realized that I always wanted to forgive because I tended to see the other person under a better, flattering, light. Even when I felt I had been treated badly, I gave second and third chances. I love harmony, as a concept. And I can’t stand people who stir up conflict on purpose, or who like to mull over negative thoughts or, last but not least, people who cannot get over other’s faults.

Yet I have to admit it. Sometimes there’s no actual forgiveness, sometimes you have to forgive yourself for not being able to forgive. In the end the only person you need to forgive is yourself. That’s right. You have to forgive yourself for allowing other people to treat you badly, to take advantage of you and so on. You have to do it in order to go on with your life because otherwise you’ll just keep making the same mistake again, because what you fear the most is that you’ll end up reliving history.

This is not an apology for people who seek revenge. I am just saying that sometimes, before being blindly good with other people who messed up with us, we have to evaluate if they were just that. Assholes. We all get cheated on, we get deceived. We trust and then we found out we were misled. Whatever. That’s why the minute we forgive ourselves for being fooled, which by all means is the hardest part, we’re good.

madeleines au citron vert

French Breakfast: madeleines au citron vert

Yesterday I realized the very same thing with madeleines. It was the first time I had tried to make those famous spongy French minicakes. Well, they developed a bump and I thought I had screwed the first attempt. Well’ I’m kind of new to this game so here it goes. That’s why I turned them on the “right side” to capture a picture. Only to find out that what I thought was a glitch, the bump, is actually one of the features that qualify a properly baked madeleine. Lesson learned.

Just like that, I am wearing my inability to wish the whole world well up my sleeve, proudly admitting it to anyone I want to listen. Off you go, foolish people. Like I read in a tweet a couple of weeks ago: we are not friends, not enemies, just strangers with a mountain of memories. This is what future relationships are going to be.


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