Sweet 16

Establishing who you are as a person can be tricky. I’m not talking about whether you like meat or if you like a little sugar in your coffee. I am referring to sound principles, a.k.a. your core beliefs.

I choose what to believe in. I don’t have a specific religious faith I feel like I belong to, even though if you happen to be born and raised in Italy, you were 99,9 % likely baptized and all that follows in Roman Catholic paths designed for young people. Here are some of my pillars, concepts that sum up the experiences, people and places that have made my journey so far.

I believe that if you do something right, then somehow it fits. There’s someone/something bigger than us that has the wider scheme. There has to be. I like to think that, I just don’t think it’s up to me to be wasting time giving HIM/HER/IT names or trying to have other people convinced that whatever they do, they should be doing it because of something they were told to do. Nevertheless, I deeply respect religious people, because there’s some entity they name, talk to, gather on behalf of, and eventually can resort to when everything falls apart.

Ironic as it may sound, I have always been surrounded by fervently Catholic people. I have been diminished so many times, in my not-knowing-how-to-define-it spirituality, but I hold no grudge. I loved talking to most of them about religion, even when we argued. I stick to what I think. I believe that whatever comes your way, you have to try to become the best you can be. There’s never a second chance to get the first one right. We screw up, and as long as we’re humble enough to say it out loud (possibly, to the people who suffered or were involved in our misdoing), that’s fine. As long as next time we screw up, just a little less.

This is the life we get. If Hindu religion is right, well then, the more, the merrier. Since we don’t know for sure if we get another shot and are actually better off as rats or snakes, this is the only sound chance we have. As far as I’m concerned everyone is free to believe in heaven, in reincarnation, in Karma and so on. Basically, whatever gives them hope.

I believe there’s always something more than meets the eye and that everyone can be a better version of the persona that they are letting other people see. I have never, not once, been wrong. Yet. There was always something more to people I met than they were letting on. Where I’ve been wrong is when I thought there were more positive sides worth seeing in the person. On the other hand, sometimes I mistrust people because I don’t value them enough or I cannot read “through them”. Those were the times when I loved to admit that I was wrong in the first place.

Chai Shortbread

Spice ‘n Butter up your life: Chai Shortbread

I believe in forgiveness. I am not Mother Theresa, so it’s not that easy. I believe in a deeper meaning associated with forgiveness, that only comes after one develops the ability of letting go and is possible if said one is programmed to feel human sympathy. Read: we ALL screw up. Sympathy for the Devil (inside us).

I also believe in numbers. Yes, it’s stupid, yes, it’s superstition. No, I don’t have a logical-mathematical intelligence, so that’s even pretty strange. Anyway, I do. When you choose what to believe in, you end up seeing patterns in casual things. Mine include two numbers, my numerical yin and yang.

I believe in change, but this comes as no surprise. This is the salt in life. Or the spice. For a little of that, look on your left. Enjoy!


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